Start a Troop

Sample Step-by-Step Storyboard for Recruiting (Thank you for this idea, Troop 210!)

So you have decided to start your own DSA Troop… TERRIFIC!  We are excited about your decision, and will be here for you every step of the way.

Your DSA Troop Coordinators are Barrie Lynn and Cindi Stone.  Email them at any time with questions or concerns, and even troop updates.

Please download and read all of the following documentation.  It will explain everything from how to apply for a Troop Number to the optional status of a Non-Profit Subgroup.  It should answer all your questions… but if not, our troops coordinators will help you out – just ask!

Once you get your Troop started and everything is in place, you can visit the Running a Troop page for more tips and information!

General Information

Troop Information

Download all 11 in a zip file here: Troop Information files(.zip)

OPTIONAL Non-Profit Subgroup Information

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