Troop Recognition Program Guidelines

The Troop Recognition Program was implemented in 2008 to acknowledge troops that have shown growth and performed various activities throughout the year that align with DSA’s goals and mission for the year.  The program was adjusted to accommodate the effects of COVID lockdown and refined further as restrictions were lifted and troop engagement once again increased.

Points are assigned to the various categories reported in the Troop’s Annual Report (submitted by January 30 of each year), such as troop member achievements, troop growth, participation in national events, in addition to the types of activities held by the troop at the local level.  

All active troops (i.e. troops who have submitted an Annual Report, demonstrated they have at least 3 current DSA members and hold at least 1 event per quarter) receive a certificate.  The troops who go above and beyond in their activities, achievements and growth are further recognized as a “Treasure Troop,” “Torch Troop” or “Top Dog Troop” .  

The troop’s status is indicated publicly on the “Find a Troop” web page to provide potential new members with information on the anticipated activity level of the troop.


Our Top Dogs troops are esteemed as our blue ribbon top achievers


Our Treasure troops are valued as treasure chests full of goodies.


Our Torch troops are held high as they light the way for others. 


If you have any questions, contact the Troops Coordinators, Barrie Lynn and Cindi at:

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