Master Badge List

We have provided this master table of ALL merit badges for your convenience.

The table can be sorted on either column by clicking the small arrow in the column header title.

AgilityParkour 1
AgilityObstacles 3
AgilityObstacles 2
AgilityObstacles 1
AgilityAgility Partners
AgilityAgility 2
AgilityAgility 1
Agility60 Weave Pole Challenge
Community ServiceTherapy Dog 3 - Reading
Community ServiceTherapy Dog 2 - Hospital
Community ServiceTherapy Dog 1
Community ServiceHumane Education
Community ServiceFundraise 2 - Put/Take
Community ServiceFundraise 1 - Handles/Baskets
Community ServiceDSA Service
Community ServiceCommunity Service 3
Community ServiceCommunity Service 2
Community ServiceCommunity Service 1
Community ServiceClean-Up America 2 - Poop
Community ServiceClean-Up America 1 - Cans
Competitive SportsTreibball Beginner 3
Competitive SportsTreibball Beginner 2
Competitive SportsTreibball Beginner 1
Competitive SportsTreibball 2
Competitive SportsTreibball 1
Competitive SportsSteeplechase
Competitive SportsRally FrEe Novice
Competitive SportsRally FrEe Intermediate
Competitive SportsRally FrEe Advanced
Competitive SportsLure Coursing
Competitive SportsHunt Retriever
Competitive SportsHerding
Competitive SportsFrisbee - Freestyle
Competitive SportsFrisbee - Throw/Catch
Competitive SportsFreestyle - Intermediate
Competitive SportsFreestyle - Beginner
Competitive SportsFreestyle - Advanced
Competitive SportsFlyball
Competitive SportsEarthdog (Go-to-Ground)
Competitive SportsBarn Hunt
Dog Scout Pup Scout
Dog Scout Jr Dog Scout
Dog Scout Jr Dog Scout
Dog Scout Jr Dog Scout
Dog Scout Honor Scout
Dog Scout Dog Scout
Nose WorkTracking 1
Nose WorkScent Hurdle
Nose WorkScent Discrimination
Nose WorkSAR - Wilderness
Nose WorkSAR - Directional Control 2
Nose WorkSAR - Directional Control 1
Nose WorkSAR Agility - Levels & Planks
Nose WorkSAR Agility - Ladders & Tunnels
Nose WorkSAR Agility 2
Nose WorkSAR Agility 1
Nose WorkMessenger Dog
Nose WorkScent Discrimination - Advanced
ObedienceRally Obedience 2
ObedienceRally Obedience 1
ObedienceNaked Dog Obedience
ObedienceDrill Team
ObedienceAnimal Actor
ObedienceArt of Shaping (Painting)
ObedienceAll Dog Band
ObedienceCopy Cat
Responsible Pet ParentingK9 Nutrition
Responsible Pet ParentingTravel Safety
Responsible Pet ParentingTemperament Test
Responsible Pet ParentingSign Language
Responsible Pet ParentingPho-DOG-raphy
Responsible Pet ParentingK9 Fitness
Responsible Pet ParentingDOGa Exercise
Responsible Pet ParentingDog Massage
Responsible Pet ParentingDog Care
Responsible Pet ParentingDisaster Preparedness
Responsible Pet ParentingDisabled Dog Badge
Responsible Pet ParentingK9 1st Aid
Responsible Pet ParentingK9 CPR
PullingWeight Pull
Trails/OutdoorsCarriage Dog
Trails/OutdoorsUrban Hiking
Trails/OutdoorsOvernight Camping
Trails/OutdoorsLetterboxing 3
Trails/OutdoorsLetterboxing 2
Trails/OutdoorsLetterboxing 1
Trails/OutdoorsGeocaching 3
Trails/OutdoorsGeocaching 2
Trails/OutdoorsGeocaching 1
WaterWater Retrieve
WaterWater Rescue 2
WaterWater Rescue 1
WaterWater Racing
WaterPuppy Paddler
WaterDock Diving
WaterBoating Safety
WaterBeach Buddy

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