Training Videos

video_page_photo-300x189This is a listing of links to videos created by DSA members, and some recommended videos made by non-members.

If you are a DSA member and have a YouTube video that shows how to train a behavior using clicker training, contact the webmaster. We will check it out and maybe even add it here!

Scoutdogs Videos

Teaching “Leave it” using the multi-step process (part 1)

Teaching “Leave it” using the multi-step process (part 2)

Teaching “Leave it” using the “post” method

Teaching “stay” without punishment

Teaching eye contact and attention

Teaching “go to a mat” (for the manners badge)

Scent Discrimination Training

  • Part 1:  First session to teach Dazzle to indicate a target scent (gun powder)
  • Part 2:  Second session teaching Dazzle to target a specific scent
  • Part 3:  Third session teaching Dazzle to target a specific scent
  • Part 4:  Fourth session teaching Dazzle to target a specific scent

Fundraising (Get the money)

  • Part 1:  Teaching Dazzle to put money into a bucket for fundraising
  • Part 2: Second session
  • Part 3: Third session
  • Part 4: Fourth session
  • The finished product:  Dog Scouts put money in a bucket while doing a fundraiser for Tri-State County Animal Response Team

Shaping Demo:   A demonstration of the communication power of a clicker.

Troop 107 Kayaking and Canoeing with the dogs:  Dog Scout Troop 107 river trip.

Badge Earning Videos

Examples of video submissions for several of the badges
(read the notes for each one to see if there were any things that needed to be different than what is shown)

From ClickerMom3

Training your dog to walk on a treadmill:  This video is a finalist for the 2009 Canis Film Festival sponsored by Karen Pryor Clickertraining.


Other highly recommended videos by non-members

Teaching heel using pivoting:  How to train a dog Pivoting- for Heel, Rally, Freestyle + more

Teaching a dog not to bark at or bite a vacuum or broom

How to teach your dog not to bark at scary stationary objects

Child teaching a dog to close a door with his nose



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