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Who do I contact for more information?

DSA “staff” consists of individual volunteers that are based in several different states. So your query will be answered more quickly if you direct it to the proper department! Otherwise, it just has to be forwarded, which adds extra time.

Here are the most important contacts you may need.  Any one of them can also direct you to the proper contact if not listed here, or you can contact Lonnie (see bottom of page).

Membership & Troops


Membership Chair
Shirley Conley

Contact our membership chair if you had trouble processing your membership online, or want to know if your membership form got through okay or if you have not received your Cadet Scout I.D. tag.  Membership submissions are processed regularly but please allow some time for processing.

Change of Address, Phone, Email, Dogs, etc.
Please use the membership application to change your membership information.  The application has a check box to indicate if it’s a change of information (or renewal.)  Other notes can be placed in the message box.  Keeping your information current with us will help ensure you get your membership materials and you will receive a notice if your membership expires.

Troop Programs 
Barrie Lynn Wood and Cindi Stone 

Joining a Troop?
Contact the Leader listed as closest to your area.  To find the locations of the current troops, visit the Find a Troop page. You can see if there is one near you and contact the individual listed as the Leader or contact person.   If a link is not working or you can’t reach the leader, contact your troop coordinator and they will help you get in touch!

Thinking of Starting a Troop?
If there is no troop near you, how about starting one?  There is a lot of information on the Start a Troop page to help new leaders get going.  Your troop coordinator will send out updates and information by email to the Troop Leader’s private yahoo group from time to time.  You will be invited to join that list after you are “officially” a troop.  The criteria needed to start a troop can be found on the Start a Troop page of the website.

Troop Concerns
If you have a question or concern about something your troop or leader is doing, contact our troop coordinators for clarification.

The Leadership Retreat is usually held in May and is open to Troop Leaders, Badge Evaluators and anyone who has knowledge to share with others. For any questions about the leadership retreat please contact Barrie Lynn Wood

Badges & Titles

Merit Badge Program: 
Sally Hoyle

Merit Badges
If you have a question like, “Where’s my badge?” or “When can I expect to receive my new Dog Scout’s laminated photo I.D. card?” you should contact Sally.  If you have a change of address, or need a new Scout ID badge for your Dog Scout because yours was lost or damaged, you can have a new one issued for $5.00.  Sally will verify that you’re in the database, and create a new ID for your dog (you may have to include a photo of your Dog Scout, unless she has it on file.)  Also, if you need a replacement of any badge (patch), you can get these through Sally.  She’ll verify that you’ve earned the badge, and send a new one out to you (you need to pay $3.00 for the replacement patch).

Specialty badge submissions are processed on a weekly basis as they arrive. Delays may occur if you fail to provide all required  information on the badge form, if there are questions about eligibility and/or badge pre-requisites, or if video submissions are submitted incompletely or incorrectly.

Video Submissions
Send a video link and supporting documents to 
You must send your badge form, any logs and/or pictures and a copy of your online credit card payment receipt at the same time you send your video link. Your email submission will then be forwarded to the appropriate Distance Evaluator who will review the video and determine if the requirements for the badge have been met. The evaluator will contact you if additional video or information is needed and will explain the reason it is needed. Once the evaluator determines that the badge requirements have been met she will sign the form and forward it for processing. You will receive an e-mail confirming your submission has been approved.  Please do not contact any Distance Evaluator directly and request that they do an evaluation for you. The process we have in place for video evals includes many checks and balances and any steps taken outside of that process causes unnecessary delays. For further information on the video evaluation process please go to the main page under the Merit Badges tab.

Becoming a Scoutmaster or Badge Evaluator
Chris KloskiIf you would like to be a certified Scoutmaster (able to give the Dog Scout test) or a certified Badge Evaluator (tester for one or more of the specialty badges), please contact Chris for more details. She will help you to navigate through the process using distance evaluation.

Trail Dog Title
Kristie Iwamoto
If you have completed the requirements for one of the pack titles, and you are a member, send the completed log and other documentation to Kristie. She will issue and record your certificate for the title and send you the Trail Dog patch (This is separate from the Backpacking Badge). Information on the requirements for this and the forms you’ll need to submit can be found in the Trail Dog Guidebook. (see the Trail Dog Title page)

DSA Competition Hosting/Competing
Sally Hoyle – Please contact Sally for more information on hosting competitions in any of the many sports sanctioned by DSA. Note…all dogs competing in DSA sanctioned trials must have a DSA CRN (Competition Registration Number) prior to registration for the competition.

Obtaining a CRN (Competition Registration Number)
Kristie Iwamoto
A CRN is required for all DSA sanctioned competitions and titles. Please follow the directions on the form to obtain a CRN and contact Kristie if you have other questions.

Treibball Titles
Samantha Winslow

Improv Titles
Lonnie Olson

Draft Dog Titles
Sally Hoyle

Fundraising & Support

Dog Scout Calendar
Sally Hoyle

If you would like to get your dog’s photo into the Dog Scout Calendar, you can get your dog listed in the appropriate month on the forthcoming calendar for $5.00 per date. You can order these from the camp store on this web site. The square will feature your dog’s photo (provided by you) and name. You can remember a departed friend, or honor your dog’s birthday or adoption date by having his or her photo on the calendar.

You can also submit photos for the calendar months (dogs only). For non-members, there is a $10.00 submission fee. For members, you can submit photos for the calendar for free. Send your digital photos to Sally.

To reserve a copy of the DSA calendar for the coming year, contact Sally, or go to the camp store online, and reserve your copies. If you have a calendar-related question, like, “When will the calendars be ready?” or, “Can I still order a calendar?” please contact Sally.

The calendars usually go to print in October, so please submit all of your photos by October 1st. We prefer photos showing your Dog Scout or Troop doing “Dog Scoutly” deeds, but we will consider any good quality photo featuring dogs, responsible dog ownership in action, or the human/canine bond, whether they are members, or Dog Scouts or not.

Lonnie Olson

If you would like to set up an endowment fund, or make a donation of funds, or would like to donate goods (like wish list items for the camp) contact Lonnie. She can give you a receipt for a tax-exempt charitable donation. If you would like to see a copy of our form 990, it is on file with the IRS, and you can obtain a copy from her.

Sparky’s Camp Store
Lonnie Olson — (989) 389-2000

If you have a question about sizing for a backpack, item availability, or what colors of something are currently in stock, contact camp store manager, Lonnie Olson.  If you have not received an item ordered, received the wrong item, want to return an item, or have a general question, contact Lonnie.

This is a one-person operation, and sometimes Lonnie is out of town on business, so if your order has unfortunate timing, it could be a week or more before your item gets shipped. Normally, we ship out items the next business day, and if you have a concern, please contact Lonnie.

Camp-Related Stuff

Dog Scout Camp (MI)
Lonnie Olson

If you have a question about the camps in MI, accommodations, or online registration, contact Camp Director, Lonnie Olson. If you want to see if you can room with a particular person, or if we have a space big enough for your 50 foot RV, just ask. Most of the information pertaining to camp and enrollment is online on the Camp Info page.

If you would like to volunteer your services (like volunteering for a position, or coming to a camp clean-up weekend), contact Lonnie ().

Texas Mini Camp (Ft Worth)
Cindy Ratliff

If your question pertains specifically to the Texas Mini Camp, contact Cindy. She is in charge of the planning and arrangements for this satellite Dog Scout Camp.  More info is on the DSA Camps page.

Want to Host a Mini-Camp?
Sally Hoyle 

If you’d like to host a mini-camp in your area, contact Sally for more information. Mini Camps always sound like a good idea for people who live far away from one of our permanent camps, but it’s another thing entirely to get at least 20 other enthusiastic people to want to pay for such a camp. You usually need to have a solid base of Dog Scout members in the area, and get at least a dozen people who say they will definitely attend, before you move ahead with plans.

Camp Scholarships
Sally Hoyle

DSA Memorial Scholarship – for financial hardship due to a dog’s medical condition.  Memorial donations help pay for this scholarship, and it is issued in the memory of all of the Dog Scouts who have passed away the previous year.

More information on our scholarships is available under the DSA Camp page.  If you feel you meet the criteria for the scholarship, send your essay explaining why you feel you should receive that scholarship to the DSA President. The board will review your application and report back to you. All board decisions are final.

Other Contacts

Shirley Conley — 

If you want to have a story, photo or article placed in the DSA newsletter, send that here.  Don’t forget to send us your news – and photos!  (Pictures make things so much more enjoyable to read.)

Dog Scout Obituaries
Chris Kloski, Memorial Recognition and Engraving Coordinator —

If you had a Dog Scout (a dog who has passed the Dog Scout Certification test and has the title of Dog Scout), that had attended camp in MI at least once, and has passed away, we have a special way of honoring these departed friends. There’s a special plaque in the lodge at the Michigan camp, called the “Rainbow Bridge Troop” memorial. Chris Kloski has donated and dedicated this plaque in memory of her first Dog Scout, “Sweetie.”

There is no charge for having your dog’s name plate added to this plaque. Please just contact Chris with your dog’s birth and death dates.

It would also be good to send the information to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the Dog Scout Scoop’s “Rainbow Bridge” column (we will include info on any member dog—it does not have to have the Dog Scout title for inclusion in the newsletter memorial).

If you would like to make a memorial donation in your pets name (or the pet of a friend) please contact Lonnie Olson.  If you need a receipt for your tax-deductible gift, just ask her.

Sonja Klattenberg

If you have a question regarding reprint, copyright, or trademark information, contact DSA President, Lonnie Olson.  All other site related questions can be directed to the webmaster.  If you see errors or omissions on our web site, or think that something is unclear, please let our webmaster know.  We are not currently exchanging links with other websites.

General Questions (NOT in any of the categories above)
Lonnie Olson – (989) 389-2000 or 

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