Temperament Test


Dog Scouts of America does not perform temperament testing, but we do recognize testing conducted by other organizations. Though several groups provide this type of testing we currently recommend the program from the American Kennel Club as we believe it most closely aligns with our values and allows support of the dog throughout the test.

Temperament testing measures a dog’s reaction to various elements presented to them such as strangers in the environment, unusual objects and both auditory and visual stimulus. There are additional environmental exposures such as unusual footing. The dog’s reactions are monitored for displays of strong avoidance, panic or even unprovoked aggression, all of which would usually be grounds for failure.

A temperament test by definition requires no skill on the part of the dog. These tests simply observe the dog’s reaction to what is presented to him.

If you choose to participate in Temperament Testing, make sure that you work with a testing organization that allows you as the handler to support your dog throughout the test by offering praise and encouragement.

We currently recognize testing completed by the AKC or by the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS). In order to earn the Temperament Test badge, simply send a copy of the form or certificate indicating that the dog has passed the test along with the completed badge form and payment following the merit badge submission process.

Please note that this is the only badge we offer that does not require evaluation by a qualified DSA Evaluator and accepts documentation by another organization as proof of meeting the requirements of the badge.


Temperament Test Badge Form

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