Specialty Merit Badges


Merit Badge Submission Process

For all questions about merit badges-

Please contact our Merit Badge Program Coordinator, Heddie Leger at . If Heddie can’t answer your question herself she will pass it along to the person who can and will make sure that it is answered as quickly as possible.

For badge forms signed in person by an evaluator –

Submit badge forms to our Merit Badge Recording Secretary, Julie Benson at 30911 Jasper Ridge, Novi, Mi 48377. Julie will process the badge form and mail out your patch.

For badges requiring a log –

This includes badges such as Community Service, Letterboxing, Clean up America, etc. Please send these badge forms to Julie along with a copy of your log. She will review your log and process the badge form once she determines that the badge requirements have been met.

For badge forms NOT signed by an in person evaluator (video evaluation) –

For video evaluations send a video link to Heddie Leger via email. You must send your badge form to Julie at the same time as you send your video link. Julie will manage the process of getting the form signed for you. Your email submission will be forwarded to the appropriate Distance Evaluator who will review the video and determine if the requirements for the badge have been met. The evaluator will contact you if additional video is needed and will explain the reason it is needed. Once the evaluator determines that the badge requirements have been met she will sign the form and forward it on for processing. Please do not contact a Distance Evaluator directly and request that they do an evaluation for you. If it is absolutely impossible for you to submit these forms electronically please contact Heddie and she will advise you.

The badge forms on the web site are in the process of being reloaded with the correct contact information. If you print a badge form that does not have contact information for Julie and Heddie on it, please ignore what is printed on the form and follow the process outlined above.

For questions about becoming an Badge Evaluator–

Please direct questions about becoming an evaluator for any badge to Chris Kloski at . Chris will go over the criteria for becoming a badge evaluator and will advise you on the process.

For questions about becoming a Distance Evaluator –

Please contact Sally Hoyle at if you are interested in becoming a Distance Evaluator for badges you are already qualified to evaluate.

merit badge submission process instructions for download: PDF DOCX


Once you earn the Dog Scout Title on your dog, you are entitled to work toward a wide variety of specialty Merit Badges.  From the Dog Scout badges right through all the merit badges, you will find everything you need here – requirements, badge forms, and training tips and guides.

Some require that you keep a log, some are done on the “honor” system, and most can be earned by video submission if you can’t find a Scoutmaster or Evaluator near you.  Most of all… you and your dog will have tons of FUN learning and earning!

Badges are sorted by category to make them easier to locate.  There are a few badges that “fit” more than one category, and you may see one listed in various places.  It is the same badge – just included in multiple categories.  For example, the Retrieve badge was originally listed under “Miscellaneous”, but will now be included under “Obedience” as well.

Please remember… although you MAY work on criteria for any badges you wish at any time, you will NOT be able to actually receive official recognition for those badges until after you have successfully earned the Dog Scout Title on your dog.


Personal Badge Recording Chart

A helpful form for your own use to keep track of the badges your dog has earned

If none of these files can be used on your system, please contact the , and we will see what we can do for you!


List of all badges earned (current as of June 2017) – Badges Earned Master File – Excel file (.xlsx)

Please use the following link to pay for badges: Badge Payment



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