Pup Scout (Honorary Title)

TITLE_Pup-Scout_150Looking for a fun and educational way to spend time with your new puppy?  Start working on the “Pup Scout” honorary title (no badge)!

Puppies must be 6 months old or younger for this honorary title, and ALL behaviors must have been taught or re-taught to the dog (preferably using a new cue), using only positive reward based methods.

A pup scout can earn the “Puppy Paddler” badge, but must be re-tested and pass the official Dog Scout Test to be eligible for further badges.

You can start teaching the skills that will be needed for the Dog Scout Title later on.  Just start by teaching the puppy to:

  • wear a bandanna
  • understand the reward/memory marker (clicker, if used)
  • respond to “sit” and “down” on cue
  • stay quiet when alone for a few minutes
  • allow grooming & handling of feet and ears
  • interact safely with friendly dogs &  people
  • perform 1 additional trick or behavior (handler’s choice)

Have fun teaching your Pup Scout the early skills he will need throughout his life!



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