Troop 229 – 1st aid for dogs seminar

We had 14 people & 4 dogs participate (2 dog scouts, the rest the general public) and raised $120 for Trinity Animal Shelter Auxiliary and provided 2 hours of 1st aid info on dogs, at our “1st Aid For Dogs Seminar” March 22 in Hayfork. This is the second 1st aid for dogs seminar our troop has presented, and the first with this vet, and in this town.

Dr. Nickerson of Trinity Animal Hospital donated his time to present the seminar and even provided each person with handouts about 1st aid info and a bag of bandages and other 1st aid goodies! Those making a donation to TASA were eligible for a drawing to win a FREE wellness check-up from Trinity Animal Hospital which Dr. Nickerson also donated! Trinity County Fairgrounds waived the fee on the room! Our dog scout troop (#229) provided refreshments and did all the organizing/advertising and with the help of 2 TASA volunteers, the setting up 🙂

We learned what was an emergency, when to call the vet (at 3am) and when to wait until morning to call. We also learned how to take vitals and why that is important, about stopping bleeding, applying bandages, splints ( or not to splint), how to make and apply an emergency muzzle and WHY it is important to muzzle, stretchers and confining injured dogs of various sizes. There was also an open Q/A session when everyone was able to ask questions about particular concerns.

It was a big hit and Dr. Nickerson said he’d be willing to do it again in Weaverville (where his main office is) for those folks!
Submitted by Mary Blackstone

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