Troop 220 to March in Nevada Day Parade

Submitted by Val Dutter

Troop 220 Silver Paws are going to be marching the Nevada Day Parade that will be  celebrating Nevada’s 150th Anniversary of statehood and holding the record of  the longest telegram ever sent which was their constitution. It will be about a 2 mile walk down Carson City’s main street on Saturday November 1, 2014.

The actual day of Nevada’s anniversary is October 31 but due to it  being a holiday and Halloween the parade is the following day to let the kids to  be safe in trick or treating on actual Halloween.  It is about a 2 to 3  hour parade with various high school bands, ROTC, floats and the usual  politicians.

The marching people are Val Dutter, Linda Hibbard with  Brindy , Kim Adams Duncan, Debbie Dibble, Lisa with Buddy, and Marcia Moffit and Traveler walking 8 dogs who will be led by Terry Cuyler,  Troop Leader, with her dog Trace down Carson Street.  Two dogs, Cadets Nala  and Kodiak will be riding in a wagon as one is 13 years and other is 6 but will  suddenly stop dead and are being pulled by Val Dutter while walking Scout  Grizzly.  There will be Linda riding a on a scooter with her dog BrindyThe plans are marching two lines on either side of center dog, performing various drills.




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