Annual Leadership Retreat

Well May 19-21st is the time to do it!! The annual leadership retreat is being organized right now. Last year we had an awesome attendance. Frankly the biggest I think since I have been going these past 16 years. We learned some really cool new things such as: how to build dog beds and stuff out of PVC, how to prepare to take care of our pets in our will, how to pass the new Stand up paddle board badge, how to dance your dog to physical fitness, how to make snuffle mats and much much more!!

What is required to attend the leadership retreat??

First, send Lonnie a request for your lodging (this is the only monetary requirement) with your $25 deposit.
The deposit goes towards your lodging. We have private cabins, a few travel trailers as well as private and bunkhouse rooms in the lodge. You can also bring your own trailer or tent. ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.

Next, get your thinking caps on for a presentation. Anything dog or troop related is acceptable. Did you attend a presentation on something recently that you could share? Maybe you have a passion for something that has not been thought about before. Maybe your forte is in another line like pet insurance.. great! Or maybe you want to be a badge evaluator .. love it! Maybe you learned a new game for dogs you want to share… all this is wonderful… We also added the “take home” idea… that is a little something you give the attendees to take home with them to remind them of your presentation… this can be very simple and we had a lot of fun with it… some did pathtags, some did printed hand outs, we had all kinds of goodies that we took home with us…

Not sure.. contact me and we can discuss it.. Oh and I have been working on a really cool new craft idea that ANYBODY can do!

Finally food… and let me tell you we eat well 🙂 Everybody will get grouped up and be responsible for just one meal whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Yes I know that coming to Michigan is out of the question for some of you that are further away. We have had people come from TX and other surrounding states… so if you can, we would love to see you attend. We have yet to come up with a way to share it with all of you via the web, youtube or other ideas… maybe some day.

So come on! Who wants to join me??? This is NOT just for troop leaders, its for everybody!

Brenda K

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