Responsible Ownership

Responsible ownership… it encompasses SO much more than providing food, water, and shelter.  It includes proper training, manners, respect, communication – and love.

Here we have gathered some resources to help you be the BEST doggie parent you can be!


  • Notes from Your Dog
  • 12 Commandments for Pet Parents
  • DSA - Position on Punishment
  • Notes from DSA Class
  • AVSAB Combined Punishment Statement
  • Why Dogs Don't Do As Asked
  • 8_laws_of_punishment
  • Do you listen to your dog?
  • Where should you get a dog?
  • Dog Body Language 101
  • Finding a Lost Dog
  • Is Your Dog STRESSED?
  • Are You a Responsible Pet Parent?
  • Parasites in Canines
  • Top 10 Reasons to Leash Your Dog
  • Dog Food Ingredients
  • Top 10 Reasons to Leash Your Dog
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  • Summer Safety Tips
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