Certification Program

These files will help you understand how to get badges with your dog and how to become certified to administer the testing for the badges.

Once the owner joins DSA the dog can start earning badges.  The dog will need to earn the Dog Scout badge before paperwork for the other badges can be submitted, but all badge earning is optional. It is highly recommended though, because it’s fun for both the dog and the trainer!

General Info
Getting the Dog Scout Badge/Title:

(You must get this before other badges can be earned)

The online test will only work for video submission. If a person is doing their check-out in person, they will need to use the document file.

Getting Badges by video submission:
Becoming a Scoutmaster or Evaluator:

Scoutmaster = Certified to give the Dog Scout test; Evaluator = Certified to award specialty merit badges

If you are interested in getting certified to administer the test for the Dog Scout badge (Scoutmaster) or any one or more of the specialty badges (Evaluator) please visit the Become a Scoutmaster/Evaluator page.

Video Examples

This YouTube channel has some examples of video submissions for several of the badges:


(read the notes for each one to see if there were any things that needed to be different).

Here is an example of the Dog Scout test:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2LazYh-Ctg

Record Keeping Form

A helpful form for your personal use to keep track of the badges your dog has earned:




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