TRAINING_growly_dog-_title_sectionYou adore him.  His spirit makes you happy, and just a look from that face can make all your troubles go away.

Let’s face it… no matter how much we love them and how good they are, there is no such thing as a “perfect” dog – issues will crop up (usually when we least expect them), and we need to deal with them.

Here we have gathered many tips and work-arounds for modifying “bad” behaviors (when they are not OUR fault) and making Fido your best friend again!


  • Problem-solving Chart for Any Behavior
  • Teaching Self-Control - Proper Greetings
  • Protocol for Relaxation
  • Counter-surfing Solutions
  • Babies and dogs
  • Counter-surfing at Camp
  • Children and Dogs
  • Causes and Cures for Urine-marking
  • Manners Training Instructions
  • Brochure - Do you live with a bad dog? pg 1 front | pg 2 back
  • Teaching Loose-leash Walking and Heel



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