Scrap The Summer with Dog Scouts of America!



Session Dates: There are 2 different sessions, each 4 weeks long.

  • Session 1 – July 6-August 2
  • Session 2 – August 3-30

Cost: Participants may choose to participate in either session or both, with those electing to complete both sessions receiving a discount.

  • One 4-week session – $40
  • Complete 8-week program – $65

What participants get:

  • Either 4 or 8 weeks filled with fun and learning
  • A personalized digital photo journal filled with photos of their Scrap the Summer experiences that may be stored and shared digitally or printed in book format at the location of their choosing
  • A special patch designed just for this event, with the opportunity to purchase up to 2 additional patches when registering for the event
  • The chance to complete the steps required to earn badges, including the brand-new Disabled Dog badge (badges will still need to go through the regular badge submission process)

How it works: Each week participants will receive a schedule of activities in the categories of walking/hiking, skills to teach their dog(s), games to play, enrich the mind, reflection and crafts. Participants may choose to complete all of the activities or they may pick those that appeal to them the most. The program is geared to dogs of all levels, with skills appropriate for the beginner dog as well as advanced skills for dogs with lots of experience.

Along with the weekly schedule, participants will get instructions for all activities so that they can confidently teach their dog(s) new skills and have all the information needed to play the games and complete all other activities. Videos will also be supplied for special skills. We will also provide links for those who want to explore a topic in more depth. The activity schedule is easy to use and understand.

For more information or to sign up click here.

If you are signed up you can log in here for your camp materials: Scrap the Summer 2020 camp materials

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