About Us

“Our dogs’ lives are much shorter than ours – let’s help them enjoy their time with us as much as we can.”

~ Dog Scout Owner’s Motto

Dog Scouts of America (DSA) was established in 1995.  It is a non-profit organization people who are dedicated to enriching their lives and the lives of others with dogs.  Founder Lonnie Olson has made it her life’s ambition to experience as many dog sports and skills as possible with her dogs.

If you believe that dogs really enjoy learning new things and spending time with their owners, you’re our kind of dog person. Dogs were not meant to be “furniture.”  Working dogs want to work.  Without having an acceptable activity in which to use up all of that energy that comes “built-in” with a dog, our canine companions often get into trouble.

By better understanding how your dog thinks, how he learns, and what drives his behavior, and by participating in a variety of dog sports and activities, you will become a more responsible dog owner.

We hope to prevent misunderstandings, communication failures and behavioral problems which often lead to dogs being given up as a “lost cause.”

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