Sorry for the delay…

… life tends to get in the way sometimes, but I am back and attempting to complete the updates now.

  • The 2014 list of members who have achieved the DSA Title has been added.
  • I have not yet received an updated Troop Listing for the Find a Troop page, but will post it as soon as I get it.
  • The Membership Database has been updated as of Jan 1, 2015 – both the online table as well as the downloadable files.
  • Troop Recognition information page has been added for you.
  • Any corrections I have received via email are being completed as I sort through the mail.

I am getting there!  🙂   I hope to get to the Newsletter soon, but in the meantime, the blog will have updates as I get them.

~ Kim

P.S.  With my medical issues causing unexpected (sometimes long) absences, I have put in a request for a co-webmaster to help with updates to the site, and working on the newsletter.  I THINK it has to go through the Board, but if anyone is interested please let me know so I can pass along your information.  I would prefer someone with a basic knowledge of working in WordPress for site creation… however, it is easy and I can teach you what you need to know.  Pass the word to your member friends!

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