Site is up and functional

THANK YOU ALL for your patience during this stressful time.

Apparently we had a redirect problem with our .COM address, and hiccup in the security section of the files (which sometimes happens), PLUS another issue with the hosting account on top of it – 3 different issues we had to decipher separately in order to solve.

I know it SEEMS like it takes forever, but our team had this figured out and fixed in fairly short order… THANK YOU Sonja, Lonnie, and Chris for your help!  As always, KUDOS to the fine folks at Pagematic (our hosting provider) for being A#1 in customer service!!  David was on it immediately and had 2 of those issues taken care of in less than one day.  Awesome!

All is well and the site is operational.  The store is up and fully functional as well.

I believe the only area we are still fixing links on is the Training Area… and we are on that now.  So, if you have ANY issues with any other pages (except training area pages), PLEASE let us know immediately, and directly to our emails:  Sonja () and Kim ().

We are working hard to make the site what you want it to be, so please also submit your honest and constructive ideas for improvement, and we will take them under consideration!

Kim & Sonja

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