Membership Dues Update

Hello DSA Members,

The cost of DSA Membership has remained unchanged since DSA first started, 25 years ago; but as you will no doubt understand, recurring expenses each year have not stayed the same. While our Board and dedicated volunteers have done much to ensure we are good stewards of the funds that are received, in order to cover the increase in some of our necessary expenses, the cost of membership will change to $30 effective May 2nd.

We believe that this increase still reflects the great value for money that DSA continues to provide responsible pet parents like yourself. During our discussion on membership dues, the Board agreed to the implement a 2-year membership option until December 31, 2020 – the remainder of our 25th Camp Anniversary year. This 2-year membership will cost $50, meaning if you elect to renew for two years instead of one you will receive a savings of $10 on the regular membership cost over the next two years!

The additional member rate remains the same at $5 each person per year. The online form will have the additional member option listed below the one and two-year memberships so you’ll be charged only $5 per person for the single year membership or $10 per person for the two-year membership.

There is no change to the cost of our Contributing and Sustaining membership options, but your tax-deductible donation will now be $20 and $70 respectively.

As always, your membership will extend from the expiration date noted on your membership card, so you will not lose out if you choose to renew early. This also means that even if your membership doesn’t lapse until next year, you may still take advantage of the 2-year membership option if you renew before December 31, 2020.

Your understanding of this necessary change and your continued support of Dog Scouts of America is greatly appreciated.

Happy Scouting,
Shirley Conley
Membership Chair

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