DSA 1st Annual Badge-Earning Contest

In an effort to encourage force free training and bonding between owners and dogs, DSA is excited to announce a badge earning contest! It is open to all eligible dogs (owner needs to be a current DSA member and dog needs to turn in their Dog Scout badge form first or have already earned the Dog Scout badge/title).

Troops are encouraged to help their members participate, but a troop is not required.  Eligible badges earned by video, log sheet submission and/or in-person evaluation will count.  However, any badges earned DURING a camp (even if they were not on the schedule) will not count.  We want everyone to have as equal an opportunity as possible and not everyone has access to a camp filled with badge evaluators. If this is successful this year, we may offer it again next year with an “earned during camp” category.

Dates: July 1 – Dec. 1st

Prize: The dog that earns the most eligible badges during the contest period will win some free badge coupons and have their name published on the DSA yahoo group and facebook page!  (Ahem!  … and have a write-up in our great online newsletter, too!)

What is an “Eligible badge”?

  • A Badge that meets the requirements and qualifies for the badge form to be signed by an evaluator AND
  • has the proper badge form submitted to DSA with proper payment between Jul. 1 and Dec. 1st AND
  • has been signed by the evaluator after June 1st, 2014 AND
  • that was not earned during a DSA camp or mini camp.

Titles earned will count toward this contest.

Badges earned through video submission will count – as long as they meet the above criteria AND video is submitted by November 15th to give adequate time for evaluation.

All eligible badges, including the Dog Scout badge, will count equally.

While we are still rebuilding the website, all badge forms and info may be found in their temporary home here:

If you are unable to open the files at that link, just let Chris or Kim know by email which badges you want the info on and they can attach them to a reply email.

With over 100 badges for your dog(s) to earn, you’re sure to find several that you’ll have fun earning!

Be sure to share this contest with all your friends, family, troop members and dog groups!





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