The DSA main site is down for maintenance at this time.

dog-scout-quilt* UPDATE - August 29th *

Like a carefully stitched quilt, we are completing one section of the site at a time.  A little slow, but it will be accurate and complete when we are done.  As always, we appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time.

If you are browsing and find any broken or invalid links, please let us know.  We have tried to test every link on every page as we go along – there are so many we probably missed a few… but we won’t know it unless you tell us!  Simply drop a note to Kim and tell her what the error was that you received so she can take care of it.

We are currently trying to get all the badge info up for you.

The following sections have been completed as of August 29th:

  • About Us section complete
  • Support DSA (need memorial donations info)
  • Membership – JOIN US! section complete
  • Rainbow Bridge (need Bridge Member Names)
  • Certification Program section complete
  • Calendar  — Let us know if you need to add an event!
  • Camps & Mini Camps – pages will begin coming online this weekend.
  • Troops section complete
  • Badges & Titles - Category pages complete; Dog Scout, Community Service, & Agility badges are done – Obedience should be done today/tomorrow.  Titling pages will start coming up next week.
  • Training – the Training Videos page is complete – other training pages should start showing up early next week.
  • Newsletter – “Dog Scout Scoop” is reborn – see post here. PLEASE submit your news and information for the Sep/Oct issue today!

So, one square at a time we are steadily creating your “quilt” – we think it will be warm and inviting once it is done!

I will leave the following for your convenience, until the site is complete again.

  •  2015 DSA Campclick here for the secure online MI Dog Scout Camp Registration for June and July 2015
  • DSA Merit Badges click here for off-site access to all Merit Badge info and documents
  • DSA MembershipJOIN US! - Secure Online Membership Form

If you are seeking something OTHER than the above, please let me know and I will try to help!  My direct email is:  webadmin@dogscouts.org

Please keep requests to important info or documents at this time, as I am really working hard to get the main site back online for you. Remember that we are all volunteers, and, like you, we have family and other obligations as well as our work here.

If you have comments or suggestions, please let us know… we welcome constructive criticism and observations that we might have missed.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience, and will advise you as soon as the main site maintenance is complete!

DSA Web Team




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