FIVE Mile Gobbler
Nov 28 – Dec 25 all-day

The FIVE Mile Gobbler is an additional fundraiser, to celebrate our 5th Annual Turkey Trot. You may participate in the Mile Gobbler on its own or in conjunction with our Turkey Trot.

This is a virtual five mile run or walk that you complete on your own time and you will be rewarded with a special Mile Gobbler PATCH to show off your hard work. To earn your patch, please complete your 5 miles anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is no need to send in a mileage log to receive the Mile Gobbler patch it is issued “on your honor”. However, if you want to count your miles towards a future trails badge or title, you will need to log the miles and carry the required pack items in accordance with the badge/title criteria—you will submit that log to your evaluator or e-mail it to once the badge/title requirements are completed.

Medals and patches will be mailed out after Christmas. All proceeds from this events will go to furthering the mission of Dog Scouts of America (and setting up teams again this year will help us cut down on mailing costs so more of your hard-earned donation dollars can be spent on this mission). During the setup of this virtual race, we had to choose a location for the race to be based. The home base is the location of Michigan Dog Scout Camp, the happiest place on earth. But this race can be run from anywhere!

Be sure to e-mail a picture of you and your dog and/or a team participating in this event to . If you post on social media #dogscoutsofamerica

Free Mini-Film Festival for Humans…about Dogs @ Arlington Community Church
Feb 29 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Want to be a better advocate for your dog or the dogs in your community?  Join Dog Scouts of America East Bay Troop 237 in watching two films by Canine Behavior Expert, Susan Sternberg, that will provide you with valuable information on dog communication.  These films can help you be proactive in handling your dog’s interactions with people and other dogs and increase your awareness of the warning signs displayed by dogs to prevent dog bites.

Humans only for this activity (service dogs permitted)

Scrap the Summer 2020 session 1
Jul 6 – Aug 2 all-day
Scrap the Summer 2020 session 2
Aug 3 – Aug 30 all-day
Winter of Wags Virtual Camp @ Your Home
Feb 7 – Mar 6 all-day

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