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Joining a Troop

If you are interested in joining a troop listed below, please contact the troop leader(s) listed.  If an email is not working, contact the Certification Program Department.

A “Future Troop” is one in which a person has expressed an interest in being a troop leader in their area, but has not met the requirements for getting a troop number yet.

Starting a Troop

If you are interested in starting a troop in your area, please visit the “Start a Troop” page of the website and read through the Troop Leaders Manual.

Find an Evaluator or Scoutmaster

To find an Evaluator or Scoutmaster (able to certify dogs for badges) in your area, look for notes under the troop listing that is closest to you.

You may also download this document:  Evaluator List  (updated 06/01/2013)

Chat with others

Everyone is invited to join the DSA Email List  (Yahoo Group).  You can post an inquiry about a troop in your area, ask dog related questions or just “listen in” on the conversations about dogs and positive training.  Just click on the above link and then click the “Join This Group” button. Be sure to tell us a bit about you so we know it’s not a “spammer” trying to join the group.

Recognition Program

In 2008, a program was started to recognize active troops.  More info about the troop recognition program can be found on the “Start a Troop” page of this website. Any troop that has a troop number is eligible to participate.



means the troop was very active and earned 300+ program points



means the troop earned 200- 299 program points



means the troop earned 100- 199 program points


The contact information for each troop is listed on its individual troop page.


Troop Listing by State


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