Nikki Zweber Memorial Scholarship for Camp

Do you know someone that rescues and trains dogs, has limited income to spend on fun for their own dogs and truly deserves a trip to Dog Scout camp?  The Nikki Zweber Memorial Scholarship was created to do just that ~ to financially assist a person(s) in attending camp who otherwise would not have the chance.

 “Since my dog, Nikki, died at the July camp in 2010, I have been making donations to DSA in her memory, which I intend to continue for as long as I can. DSA has changed my life, made it richer, and has made my dogs happier. I consider my time at Dog Scout Camp as a little bit of heaven on earth. Each year, I asked Lonnie Olson if a portion of this contribution could go to assist someone who doesn’t have the resources to attend camp, but would be enriched by the experience and would use it to make the world around them better along with all the dogs that they have contact with. The Nikki Zweber Memorial Scholarship was established in 2012 with the help of our Founder, Lonnie Olson and the approval of the Board. The inaugural recipients were Peggy and Paul Mooney in Camp 2 of 2012.”

~ Peggy Zweber

[ Read the entire story of  Nikki, aka “The Little Dog that Could”   (pdf file)]

Nikki, DSA

Nikki, DSA

Scholarship Criteria

  1. Resources not available for member to afford the camp experience on their own.
  2. Have made significant and positive contributions towards training and rescuing dogs.
  3. Perform volunteer work related to dog activities.
  4. Use only positive reward methods in training dogs.
  5. Able to attend camp in Michigan for either the June or July session.

So, if you or someone you know fits this criteria, please submit an application “essay” that explains what they do for dogs and why they deserve to attend camp.

Email it to:  Lonnie Olson [] for consideration for the scholarship.

Making 2014 a year to remember…

The scholarship for 2014 was awarded to Kim Hovey, DSA Member and webmaster.  She and her Australian Shepherd pup, Tonto, attended the July session.

“My young Tonto (7.5 months old) is also a service dog in training.   He not only earned his DSA title and 3 other badges, but also stole 3rd place in the Talent Show, and “Best of Show” in the Art Contest!  Earning his DSA title was a major hurdle, and it is a terrific indicator that he will be able to maintain his “service dog” manners when needed.  I  am much more comfortable with him in public now.

Camp is “mostly” accessible, and I would encourage all disabled members to give it a try!   Using a cane and electric chair was a bit clumsy, and with the rain, I couldn’t backpack the muddy trails, but everyone was wonderful, and someone was always around to assist if I needed help.

It is expensive to travel from FL to MI, and I could afford either the travel OR the camp fee – but not both, as we had 2 major repairs to our home this spring (costing around $10,000).  We never would have been able to attend if it weren’t for Peggy and this scholarship, and there simply are no words to thank her for establishing and maintaining it.  God bless her and all she does for DSA and its members.  We had an absolutely wonderful time and look forward to saving up to return next year!”





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